Consistently focused.
Less overwhelmed.

Redesign your days with structured focus sessions and personalized coaching – so you can consistently use time for good.
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Master your time

Learn to consistently have time and focus on the most important work.

Complete strategic work

Go beyond day-to-day execution by freeing time and mental power for strategic work.

Reduce overwhelm

Keep your tasklist empty, priorities clear and important things done, in advance.

"Disciplined, focused work gave me time and brainpower for the new vision, org structure, and the roadmap. There is no way I'll work as I used to work before!"

Alexander Povarov
Lead Product Manager

Organize your schedule with a Custom Productivity Plan.

Easily focus and stay in control with a personalized schedule, crafted with proven scientific techniques and tailored by a coach to your unique goals and lifestyle
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Level up your focus with Structured Focus Sessions

Get the mental power for your most important work with structured focus sessions that makes it easy to prioritize, plan, and focus, all while managing your daily work.
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Stay motivated and consistent with a Personal Coach

Consistency is key for lasting results, and your coach makes it easy. Every day, they will keep you accountable, celebrate your progress, and adjust your custom plan as needed.
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How it works


Meet your coach

Jump on the call to get to know each other, discuss goals and preferences.


Tailor productivity plan

Every week, your coach helps you set milestones and adjust your productivity plan to hit them.


Get focused with coach support

Join the structured focus session to focus on what matters. Your coach tracks every session to keep you motivated and provide support when needed.


Track results and improve

Join a 30-minute weekly call with a coach to track results, refine your plan, and set milestones for the next week to hit your long-term goals.


What is a custom productivity plan?
The productivity program is a structured plan designed to achieve your long-term goals without being overwhelmed. This plan is built by a coach and includes regular and structured focus sessions that help you prioritize, plan, and focus while managing your day-to-day work.
How do you build the plan?
The coach and you work together to develop the productivity program based on your goals, schedule, and lifestyle. You have a weekly one-on-one call where you review the progress toward goals and adjust the program if needed.
Who is coaching?
Dmitri, the founder of Hyperfocus and a former product lead in big tech, currently coaches all customers at Hyperfocus. His struggle with focus during his tech career led him to spend the past years studying focus from the first principle. Applying this knowledge, he has successfully coached managers at various levels in companies like Miro, Booking, Intuit, Wolt, and others.
How does pricing work?
We offer monthly subscriptions to Hyperfocus, which include 1:1 calls with a coach and regular structured focus sessions. We have several pricing options based on how often do you meet your coach.

Hyperfocus Stories

"Hyperfocus not only reduced my anxiety but helped me to control the whole day"
Rahul Nimje
Group Product Manager, Intuit
"Hyperfocus gives you tools and techniques to take back control of your focus and put it where you can have the most impact."
Andrew Mende
Senior Product Manager,
"At the end of the day, I felt like I'd made good progress and hadn't spent all my time on a product-managers treadmill."
Mitya Shekhov
Lead Product Manager, Yandex
“With Hyperfocus, we found tools and configured the day to deliver product impact consistently. Without stress, fatigue and, most importantly, without any sacrifice.”
Arkadiy Pasenko
Senior Product Manager, Yandex
"It's like having a coach for knowledge workers, helping you achieve peak performance and tackle tasks that truly matter."
Anton Lebedev
Chief Product Officer, MTS SmartHome
"With Hyperfocus structure and daily trainings, I understood how the flow works and how to get into it."
Vladimir Kalmykov
Group Product Manager,
"As a Product Manager, I tried many methods to manage my focus time better. It was only when I discovered Hyperfocus that I finally learned how to focus on what's really important."
Lilia Nikolaeva
Senior Product Manager, DT One
"At first, it was difficult to find two hours each day for hyperfocus. However, with coach's help, it was super easy to create a routine, and after a week it become hard to imagine a day without a focus session."
Artem Glebov
Chief Product Officer, CIAN
"Hyperfocus helped to remove the burden of heavy tasks from my backlog, providing me with an efficient, simple tool for everyday work"
Maxim Nikolaev
Chief Business Development Officer, Yandex

Make use of your time, for good

Hyperfocus sessions – multiplies your focus with science-baked techniques.

Gives you clarity and focus

We use research-backed tools to set clear goals and actionable plans so you can always know what, why, and how at each session.
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Keeps you motivated

Ease into a habit of intense focus with structured sessions guided by accountability and support from your coach.
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Personalized for you

Find out what works best for your goals and lifestyle by tracking, reflecting, and getting actionable feedback from your coach for each session.
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How sessions work


Get a regular schedule designed by your coach.


Join a hyperfocus session. Coach is waiting for you.


Choose a planned goal or work on something urgent.


Improve clarity with goal-setting and planning tools.


Hit your specific goal in 60, 90 or 120 minutes.


Log results and get feedback from your coach in chat.

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